An ode to the Staffordshire Oatcake.

Well have just read in The Guardian (See article here), about the closure of a hole in the wall bakery in Hanley and it seems it was the last of the traditional served on the street oatcake shops (whatever that is.) Now I didn’t know the bakery personally but I do know Staffordshire oatcakes and I adore them.  I have fond memories of Saturday mornings eating Dale’s oatcakes with lots of melted Cheshire cheese. So it gives me a good excuse to share the recipe I have for these bad boys.

Traditional Staffordshire Oatcakes (Adapted from Allotment Growing Recipes)

225g quick cook oats

225g wholemeal or plain flour

1 tsp salt

450ml warm milk

450ml warm water

1 tsp sugar

15g or 1 sachet of dry yeast

  1. Mix flour, salt and oats together in large bowl
  2. Mix yeast, water, milk and sugar in another container. Give it a good stir and combine with the flour mixture.
  3. Cover and leave for 1 hour.
  4. In an oiled non-stick 28cm frying pan, on medium heat, add a ladle full of mixture and shake it around pan like making pancake.
  5. Cook on first side until you see the top covered in bubbles and almost completely dry. 2-3 mins.
  6. Flip cook on other side 1-2mins. Should be light golden colour on both sides.
  7. Stack on a plate and continue making them until you have used up all the batter.
  8. Allow to cool then Clingfilm and put in fridge till you need. Or scoff straight away, add you favourite grated cheese in the centre and melt under the grill or in microwave then roll up a bit like a fajita or spring roll but without the tucked in bits so more like a cigar!


Hope you enjoy these Staffordshire delicacies.  They are really good for breakfast (or lunch or dinner!).

Here are some fillings I suggest:

Traditionalish -Bacon, cheese, black pudding, sausages, mushrooms

Sweet– honey, nutella, jam

Pretensions – sun dried tomatoes, chorizo, spinach and mozzarella

Basically it’s a bit like a pizza experiment and try different combinations, have fun and hope you enjoy. Long live the oatcake! Viva la revolution!