Surf, run eat and then eat some more.

We are a pair of people who live to eat.  Living in the North of Spain, we spend our days cooking, baking, eating and exploring the world of Spanish food in between surfing and running to make room for some more food.  Oh and we teach English too, (the bills do have to be paid!).

Breadhead is English, hailing from the home of the chewy, cheesey and ultimately delicious (especially with bacon) Staffordshire oatcake (recipe to follow!), and is a trained chef.  He now focuses his attention of keeping the house well stocked with bread, slow cooked stews and flaky pastry, in between hitting the beach to catch a few waves.  He has a tendency to throw food around the kitchen, but when the end product is so good who can complain!?

Sweetooth is an Aussie girl, who grew up on the gourmet cuisine of frog cakes, Farmers Union Iced coffee and meat pies.  She then became a qualified dietitian before realizing that she was unable to follow her own advice and now pursues the challenge of baking as many high fat and sugar cakes and desserts as possible.  However, she still chooses to leave the kitchen during Gummys’ cooking adventures- sometimes its best not to know how many sticks of butter are on your supposedly healthy carrots!

Together we cook, bake and eat, but try to maintain some level of health by running, surfing and the odd bit of yoga in between.  We have now decided to share our love of food, adventures, recipes and occasional rant with the world.  This blog will not be shiny, it will not have perfectly styled food and presentation, it won’t have foams and gels (unless we get really creative and come into some cash).  But it will have real food, real experiences and real opinions!  Enjoy!


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