Super Speccy Sarnie

This is hands down my favourite sandwich.  It was created by breadhead, in the back of a van, and I was sent off to Madrid airport with this little beauty as a packed lunch!  This not only saved me 10 euros ( the going price of lunch in Madrid airport), but made me look at the other travelers with their overpriced slices of ham in dry bread (the composition of a sandwich in Madrid airport) and smile smuggly as I bit into the moist filling surrounded by crunchy crusty Galician bread.

The key to a good sandwich we both agree is the moisture.  A sandwich should have enough wet ingredients such as sauces or spreads to produce a soft moist centre, although not so much as to make for a uncontrollable wet mush.  A generous spread of mayonnaise and thick avocado help make this one a winner.

A good bread is obviously imperative too.  A nice crunchy crust is important (although not teeth-shatteringly so), and a soft, but dense centre, that can absorb a little of the sandwiches filling.  Make sure to pick up your loaf before you buy and test for weight.  If its a little on the light side chances are you will cut it open and find only air, leaving a crisp shell with nothing inside!

We usually use breadheads homemade sourdough for this, but any heavy crusty bread works well!

Super Speccy Sarnie Recipe

makes one sandwich (fairly supersized!)

Two good thick slices of bread

Mayonnaise (homemade-recipe coming! or good quality bought)

tomato sliced thinly

two slices smoked salmon


salt and pepper

1.  Coat one slice of bread with a good spread of mayonnaise

2.  Coat the other side with some chunks of avocado (be generous)

3.  Add salmon and 2-3 slices tomato on top of avocado.

4.  Season with salt and pepper



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